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Serge O.

January 26, 2015


Jeff is a wonderful teacher of the musical arts. I can personally recommend him as a highly effective teacher. He constantly amazes me with his ability to understand where my difficulties arise and more importantly to develop effective strategies to overcome them. I know that Jeff loves to teach, thereby enriching the lives of his students. Jeff always rises to the occasion with appropriate encouragement. I especially admire his sense of ethics.


Carrie M.

January 17, 2013


Victor has been my guitar teacher for 2 years. He is not only a phenomenal musician versed in several styles, he is an excellent teacher. He is patient and makes learning the guitar fun. He teaches basics of technique and theory but also really listens to where I want to go with my guitar-playing. He has helped me find my own style and has also helped me become more confident in my abilities as a guitar player. I highly recommend his services.

Rosemary W., Junior Music Performance Major

My clarinet studies with Dr. Anastasia Christofakis have easily been one of the highlights of my musical education.  Dr. Christofakis has an infectious love for both music and teaching, which helps her students desire to learn to the fullest extent possible.  Her performances are passionate and engaging, and show both lively spirit and luscious phrasing.  Even more importantly, Dr. Christofakis can easily communicate these clarinet skills to her students in a creative, clear, and concise manner, which has been tremendously beneficial to me and to her other students. As an educator, Dr. Christofakis is both a dreamer and a doer:  she sees the potential in each and every one of her students and formulates individualized plans to bring this potential into fruition; all with a holistic approach in a highly positive, encouraging, and well-humored learning environment.  Dr. Christofakis’ person radiates light, and her work ethic is inspirational, both in regards to perfecting her own clarinet skills and in her tireless devotion to her students.  Dr. Christofakis cares deeply about her students not only as clarinetists, but also as individuals, and creates a safe space around herself for students to grow on multiple levels and seek guidance about absolutely anything.  Overall, my experience studying with Dr. Christofakis has been unimaginably positive, and I am extremely grateful for this experience.

Janet O.

January 15, 2015


Julia was an extraordinary vocal teacher for my daughter Anna. She began private lessons with Julia in seventh grade through 12th grade.


Through Julia's help, Anna learned to safely utilize her vocal mechanism while learning both classical repertoire and musical theater songs. Julia taught her about diction, musical theory concepts, sight reacing, how to warm-up vocally, microphone usage, basic piano, and singing in front of people/crowds. Julia went "over and above" what a typical voice instructor does for their student. Julia taught her to sing beautifully and she will be able to sing for a lifetime. We will always be thankful that Julia Bryant accepted her as a vocal student. We would highly recommend Julia as a voice instructor, music teacher, or piano teacher.


P.S. Anna earned a scholarship for her voice and is in her third year of college where she attends the Bass School of Music!

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